Just received your TADAAM TV Box and can't get it to work? Have you had your TV Box for a while and suddenly you can't watch TV? Then follow these steps:

1) First check if your account is still active. It is possible that something went wrong with your payment and your account has been paused. You can check this via My TADAAM.

2) Check if the TADAAM app and/or the TV Box are up to date. For the app, you can check this in the Google Play Store. Check if the TADAAM TV Box is up to date via the TV Box settings > device preferences > about > system update.

3) Check that your TV Box or TV set is connected to the Internet. If necessary, use a UTP cable for a more stable connection.

4) Check your internet connection.

Have you checked everything and it still doesn't work? Or you can't get the TV Box to turn on at all? Contact our support team, they will be happy to check it for you.

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