How do I install the TADAAM app on smart devices?

TADAAM has an app for Android & iOS (available for smartphones & tablets). You can download the TADAAM app on smart devices via the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

You can also install the TADAAM app directly on your Smart TV. That is possible on Samsung TV models from 2018 and on Smart TV’s with Android 7 (or higher).  Are you unsure about the model year or your Smart TV’s software? Then you can search ‘TADAAM’ in the App Store of your Smart TV. If you can’t find the app, your device is not compatible. Does your TV have a HDMI connection? In that case, you can use the TV Box that is included in your TADAAM package.  

TADAAM supports Apple TV boxes starting from Gen 4.

TADAAM TV works anywhere on the TADAAM network in Belgium.
If you have a network source, TADAAM TV will work in every country of the EU.
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