The TPS (TADAAM Positioning Systems) app provides valuable insights into the mobile network coverage in your area, helping you determine if it's ideal for enjoying TADAAM services. For existing customers, this app also offers guidance on placing your TADAAM modem in the optimal location for the best performance. 

You can download it via the Google Play Store or via the Apple Store.

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The TPS app can be used as customer, but you can also use it to check your coverage before becoming a customer. In this case, the app will measure the received signal strength of the mobile network at that spot. Keep in mind that this is only accurate if you are a BASE or Telenet mobile customer, as TADAAM uses this mobile network. 

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If you're a customer, you can log in with your My TADAAM login information. The app will then measure the signal strength straight from your modem and help you find that perfect T-spot.

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