How do I install my modem?

TADAAM uses mobile technology, so it eliminates the use of coax or vDSL cables. That’s super practical, because it means you can easily install your internet and TV yourself.
The TADAAM package includes a modem and our own TV Box.
The TADAAM modem is found in box #1.

You will find a power cable and an ethernet cable in addition to the modem

Please plug your modem into a power outlet. You can use the TPS app to find the best spot for your modem.

Installing a 4G modem

The modem has 3 LED lights:

  • The bottom light should be green and shows that the modem is ON.
  • The middle light is LAN and should be green only if the ethernet cable is plugged in. Note that this LED blinks when active; this is normal behaviour. 
  • The top light is signal and should be blue/green. If this light is red, check "no internet connection or a red light on your modem?".

Installing a 5G modem

The modem has 3 LED lights:

Your 5G modem can also work perfectly well over 4G, so don't worry if the 5G light is not on!

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