On which devices can I watch TADAAM TV?

Choose which device you watch television on!

In addition to the TV Box you get with the package, TADAAM has an app for Android & iOS (available for smartphones and tablets). You can install the TADAAM app directly on your Smart TV. You can do that on Samsung TV models from 2018 onwards and on Smart TVs with Android 7 (or higher) operating system. 

You aren't sure about your Smart TV's model year or software? Then you can always just search "TADAAM" in your Smart TV's App Store. If you can't find the app, your device is not compatible.

Does your television have an HDMI input? In that case, you can just use the included TV Box from TADAAM. So you definitely don't need a smart TV for TADAAM.

Or do you just prefer to watch on your smartphone or tablet anyway? It's up to you!

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