How does TADAAM work?

TADAAM uses mobile technology, so you no longer need coax or vDSL cables. That's convenient because that way, you can just easily install your Internet and TV yourself. No hassle of waiting weeks for your new Internet provider.

The TADAAM package consists of a modem and a TV Box. The TADAAM modem is wirelessly connected to the mobile network and provides you with plug-and-play wireless Internet anywhere in Belgium and whenever you want. How? Our modem converts 4G signal (or 5G signal) into WiFi. Not sure if your location has enough mobile coverage? Contact our support team and they’re happy to check it for you.

The TV Box has the ideal software for the ultimate plug-and-play experience. Just connect the TV Box to the TADAAM network and your TV and ... enjoy. You can also install the TADAAM app directly on your smart devices.

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